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Fun Socks for Girls

OMGsocks Sock Picture Upload

Why Do You Want Pictures?!

It's really simple:  We plan on using the pictures on the site either in a OMGsocks in Action! section we are developing.  That's it!  We want to see your life in your OMGsocks like the pictures above by our logo! :)

Do I Get Anything For Doing This?!

HAHA!  Funny you asked!  If you upload a picture that makes it to the OMGsocks in Action! section then we will send you a coupon code for something awesome with your next purchase!  We appreciate YOU helping US and we want to make sure you know it!

INSTRUCTIONS:  It's very simple hit the "browse" button below and find the picture of you in your OMGsocks and select it and hit "Upload" and wait while it uploads.  That's it!


Our Foot, Sharla

Meet Sharla!

That's right! We treat everyone like family and our Mannequin Foot is no different. Sharla is an ambidextrous foot model. She does a great job at helping you understand which socks you absolutely NEED.

Our apologies that Sharla doesn't have toes to let you fully experience our TOE SOCKS, but she does her best. Hopefully your imagination can picture your own toes in them. Other than that Sharla is amazing and has been so great under the lens of our camera.

If you have any questions on any socks or Sharla please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

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