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Fun Socks for Girls

Frequently Asked Questions

At OMGsocks, we really want you to feel comfortable with purchasing from us and telling your friends about us.  If you have questions see below and hopefully the answer is there.  If not, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.



How do I cancel an order?

Even though even the THOUGHT of you cancelling your order bums us out - it is easy to do. If your order is still PROCESSING you may contact us with your ORDER NUMBER and request your order to be canceled and as long as we haven't sent out your package we will NO QUESTIONS ASKED cancel your order.


How do I email OMGsocks customer service?

Contacting Us is simple. (psst! just click the link)


Does OMGsocks have a toll free customer service telephone number?

As of right now, No. We do all our support through our customer service email. This allows us to prioritize our tasks more efficiently. We are a small (fun) company. :)


Can I track my order

ABSOLUTELY! Just go to MY ACCOUNT and login and find your order number (it was mailed to you) and click into view the details. If the package has shipped, the tracking number will be right there! We ship exclusively with the United States Postal Service.


How do I return my socks if I am not happy with them?

Right now we only accept returns for damaged merchandise and that is for either on-website credit or (if in-stock) the same item.


What if my socks are damaged? Can I get new ones?

Yes and No. Yes, if the socks arrived to you like that. No, if you damaged them yourself! (tag must remain intact for exchanges).

Before shipping them back please use the contact us page and send a return request OMGsocks customer service will tell you exactly where to send them and how, etc.


If I live outside the United States, can I order from OMGsocks?

Since we are a small (fun) company. We are focusing on servicing just the U.S. of A right now. We see ourselves shipping to Canada before the end of 2011 and at that point will see where else we can expand to next. Stay tuned for updates!


How long will it take to get my socks?

We ship exclusively with the United States Postal Service (Go USA!), and doing so the package is said (by them) to get there within 3 business days. It can take up to 9 days though. So hold tight! Your socks will get there!

If you have no received your socks and it's been over 9 business days please, contact us.


Can I send a check or money order?

NOPE! We only take plastic (Visa, Mastercard, & Discover).


What if the socks I want are not available? Can they be backordered?

OH NOES! If you found the perfect socks for you and we do not have them available then you may click the "Alert me when they come IN Stock" link and our system will notify you when we get them back in. We can't allow backorders because we are alway stocking new designs and some older designs may not be set to be made anytime soon and we don't want to take your money unless we can send you socks ASAP!


Can I have my order shipped by UPS?

Currently we are not shipping UPS (we wanted to). UPS is expensive to ship small and light packages. We are considering allowing it for big order (over 20 pairs of socks), but since we are a small (fun) company we currently only ship United States Postal Service.


What size are the socks you sell?

All of our socks are made to fit 9 to 11 sized feet. Our studies show us that the socks can (and do) fit smaller feet, but are pretty tight on bigger sized feet. We love them all the same, but right now that is how they are made. We are looking into providing socks for bigger feet. We will make a big announcement when we finally get there. :)


Are there larger sizes for women than 11?

Unfortunately, since we are a small (fun) company we've had to focus on the most "average" (whatever that means) size which we're told is 9 to 11. We do have plans on making bigger (and smaller) socks in the future, but for now just 9 to 11. We apologize (profusely) for the inconvenience.

Our Foot, Sharla

Meet Sharla!

That's right! We treat everyone like family and our Mannequin Foot is no different. Sharla is an ambidextrous foot model. She does a great job at helping you understand which socks you absolutely NEED.

Our apologies that Sharla doesn't have toes to let you fully experience our TOE SOCKS, but she does her best. Hopefully your imagination can picture your own toes in them. Other than that Sharla is amazing and has been so great under the lens of our camera.

If you have any questions on any socks or Sharla please don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

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